Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome the New Peer Parents

Join me in welcoming

the newest additions to

our peer parenting group.
Ann Foulger
Sean and Lizzie Guy
Eldie Howick
Manual Carver
Heather May
Kathy Murnin
Gretchen Ryan
Nina Tigner.
I hope you will get to

know each new peer parent

in fall inservices and

during shadowing opportunities.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take to the Water
Any where on earth
there is water there is life.
and in the summer
there is nothing better
than doing a canon ball
into a big pool of it.
But even of you can't get to a pool, please find every opportunity
to make it part of your children's day. I will be posting a list of pools
in the side bar.But pools are just a part of it.
First make sure all children get plenty of plain ole water to drink. It is free (really in this country you don't need to buy drinking water. It is safe out of the tap.) Start early giving your baby water so they don't grow up thinking that something has to taste sweet to be a good drink. Drinking lots of just plain water is one of the simplest things one can do to ensure good health.
Water experiences every child should have;
Playing in the sprinkler,
Playing in a warm summer rain
Playing a fountain (Is the one at Liberty park open?)
Painting wText Colorith water on the sidewalk or the a fence.
Making lakes and dams in a big mud puddle. (Getting mud-dirty is a great thing. It is a good things kids are washable huh.)
Playing with big blocks of ice outside until it is just a puddle. (Fill clean gallon milk jugs and big balloons with water and put them in the freezer. The more the better.)
Water balloons and water guns.
Growing beans in two cups. Water one and not the other.
Water calms down over excited children. Playing in water increases the appetite. Try giving the picky kid dread vegetables after he has been swimming and he is more likely to gobble them up.
It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce science to young children.
Where did that water we painted on the sidewalk go...
Water gets hard when it is cold, Ice.
It becomes a puddle when it neither hot or cold.
It disappears into the air as a gas becomes hot.
Then it becomes a cloud as it get cooler in the air, clouds. "hey that one looks like a bunny".
When it gets cool enough to turn back into water it falls back into the puddles as rain.
What a wondrous thing is water.
There is plenty more and if you e-mail me ideas I will post them here.
I especially would love to know if there are any free swimming pools in the valley.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Because of the number of people going on vacation In-Services will be suspended for the rest of the summer. They will begin again on September with a Peer Parent Appreciation.