Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In-service May, 17

6:30 to 8:30

Emotional IQ

The Key to Success

in School and life

Pot Luck as Usual

Remember End of Fiscal Year is at the End of June!

All paperwork must be on my desk by July 5.

If you fail to turn in your June paper work on time the signature monster comes out of it's lair and delays your payment while you must commit feats of bravery, strength, and patience by getting impossible signatures and documentation.

Don't let this happen to you (and me)!

June paperwork by July 5!

Tenative Schedule for Future In Services

June Individual meetings - sign up for Wednesday's and Thursdays through out month

July - off for summer

August 16- Preparing Children and their Families for School

September 20- Peer Parent Appreciation

Ocotober 18 - Reframing

November 15- Getting the Documentation Right

December 20- Holiday Party

January 17- Changing Habits

February 21 - Fun Homework

March 21 - Move to Learn