Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank you to Patricia Graff

and all the peer parents

who attended and participated

in last nights in-service.

We had a very informative discussion.

Keep those ideas flowing for the new curriculum!

In Services - Revised Schedule

November 17- Nutrition from the Pyramid to the Plate
December 15 - Holiday party
January 19 - Our program and spirituality
February 16 - Going to court
March 15 Activities from the Resource room
April 19 Get those kids outside and moving !
May 17 - Expectations of a case worker
June 20 Individual Evaluations

Friday, October 14, 2011

QCR Protocol

October 20 Inservice

QCR* Protocol

If you don't know

what QCR even is


if you do -


6:30 to 8:30

Fashion Place

pot luck as usual

* Qualitative Case Review - Very thorough BI- Annual review on randomly selected cases.

Important news about new Curriculum

At the last State Coordinators meeting it was decided that rather than buy a new curriculum we will be revising and updating the STEP BOOK.

We are going to really make it our own.

We will begin in January looking at the format, graphics, needed new skills, and the first skill Abuse and neglect.

Your input is Vital. We will be discussing this at In-services but please

  • send me materials you are using,

  • call to chat about what you would like to see or

  • add your two cents in the comment section here.

  • How ever you do it. Connect with me!