Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So much news!

I'm sure I'll forget something. ....
Notice that our inservice in September will be an Appreciation of YOU.
I'm planning fun things (I hope) so please come and be appreciated! I will need a count so be sure and RSVP!
As I often many many reports everyday I get concerned that any one email may be a READ NOW sort of deal....so.... if your email has important immediate information you need me to see;
In the subject line please put READ and the case involved. That way I will have some idea of priority. Thanks . For other emails continue to put case name and type of report( session, billing, initial, etc)

There are many new things in the resource room but let me introduce two important ones here;

  • We have a new DVD and hand out on "Purple Crying" - it is about that unconsoluable crying that most babies do at some point between birth and 9 months. It is a must see for all new parents in our program!
  • We have new information about emergency planning inregards to disasters. They are nice booklets and some supplementary info. Besure and pick one up for the families you are working with. I can get more when we run out.

I am including these in the pockets of the Step Book Notebooks.

For all new (or semi new) peer parents. I have available some lesson plans that were put together by Linda Cannon. Come by and pick up a copy.

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