Monday, September 26, 2011

Thank you to every one

who attended the Appreciation dinner.

I had a great time!

I hope you did too!

The Magic I Know

I know we all wish we had magic wands that make everything alright for everybody. Here are magic wands but 'alright' is a state of mind.

Being a firm beliver in science here is the magic I know;

A magic eraser to get rid of those crayon marks off, but the real magic is in forgivenews and every days opportunity to begin fresh and new.

An apple to represent the magic of taking physical care of your self. Eat right and Move more. We magically feel better when we take care of ourselves.

A crystal to remember the healing power of beauty.

A button that says "Nothing you do for children is ever wasted." Because of the magic of a bighter future created by taking care of a child today.

Butterflies to remind us of the magic of nature and transformation.

"Tu It" tokens because any magic takes action and getting around to it.

Kindness coins (and caught you doing good coins too) because really there is no greater magic than kindness.

Inspiration tokens because of the magic in a really inspiring quote.

Blue birds of happiness to remind you that any magic even happiness takes practice.

Bravery Stickers because sometimes bravery is the only magic to get us through the scarey times

And business cards for the simple magic of staying in touch.

The magics that are in red are available for clients in my office. Please allow a week for business card requests.

I am working on getting the jeopardy game onto the blog.

Checkout this new web site with some great videos on brain development that has been adapted for parents.

Next In-service - Be prepared for QCR. Oct. 19, 6:30 to 8:30 Pot Luck

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