Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First I want to express how proud i am to be working with such a talented group as I do.
I just waded through a stack of evaluations and Case
Workers are very happy!
They do like the newest session report form so if you arn't using it yet it is just to the right on this blog.
Now for a new challenge;
For the next month see
if you can ban the words
'good', 'great', and 'nice'
from your reports.
Of course these are fine words and encouraging but they don't tell the case worker much. Describe what it is you see that make you feel like she is a good, great or nice mother.
"Madonna gets down on the floor and speaks to Lourdes in a gentle voice. "
" Cher attended to Charity's need for a new diaper without being reminded"
" Tom was playing ball with Suri when I arrived."

You guys mostly do this anyway but sometimes squeshy words, like 'good' and such, that mean different things to different people, sneak in.

Don't forget to make an appointment with me for a 'review' this month. I can come to you or we can do lunch. I promise it will be painless.

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