Thursday, June 10, 2010

If you haven't sent in your 520 (and you know who you are) send it in as soon as possible. It is crucial here at the end of the year to have a good accounting of what is left in our budget.
Note I have added the new Peer Parent Handbook to the available forms on this blog. It has beginning and ending case paperwork.
However do use the Monthly Billing Revised with Summary that is next on the list rather than the forms in the hand book.
There are hard copies of the handbook available at my office.
Farmers Markets are opening
all around the valley this weekend.
The People's Market opens Sunday 10 to 3.
It is located at the International Peace Gardens
off 9th West between 9th and 10th south.
This is a smaller farmer market
so easier to find parking and much less expensive produce.
Plus they not only take food stamps but match them dollar for dollar
so that can really stretch those food budgets in a very healthy way!
(In full disclosure, you might even see me there as I have a booth for my art sometimes.)

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