Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At The Inservice

It is great to be back. We had a great turn out. Thanks for everyone who brought something to eat. Bonnie's chicken was scrumptious and Robert's chili was yummy.
It was announced that on April 13th, 12:00 to 2:00, Peer Parenting will participate in a Provider's Fair. It will be at the Oquirh office (which is almost to 201 on Bangerter.) Case workers from around the region will be there for a dessert contest. I will be there with materials from the Resource room and brochures. This will be a good time to get to know the case workers. The more the case workers know about our program the more they will refer clients. And the more than get to know YOU the more you will be requested on cases. Anyone wanting to participate contact me a head of time so that we can stagger times to cover the table.
We had a good discussion on why and how to close a case.
The biggest change is the need to have a team meeting before you close any case. In cases that aren't going so well, it is important to try to make sure you have the support of the team, and have exhausted all the avenues to making it a successful case. . In 'great' cases, it is time to have a celebratory meeting and/or a party.
The other change is that I will be generating certificates form this office. There is a form of course. I have also developed check list for both opening and closing cases. As soon as possible those will be included here on the blog but for now I will email them to you when needed.

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