Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gentle reminders

I am so glad to be back. I feel better than I have in years but my stamina is still pretty low. It is my plan to use this blog more with ideas and resources.

and with efficiency in mind

Here are a few common mistakes that are made at billing time.

  • The mileage sheet is meant to be oriented as 'landscape' rather than 'portrait'. I get more of your info that way and it is easier to read.
  • Mileage is to the nearest mile NOT tenth of a mile. Pretty sure, on average it is going to even out and I need to be consistent.
  • Face to Face time with clients includes initial meetings, court (while the client is there), phone calls, anytime you are actual in contact or presence of the client. You should be mentoring during times you are not actually teaching a skill.
  • On the 520 we can't round up the cents (if the total comes to say$87.129 write $87.12). This is how the state counts it and I need to be consistent.

Thanks for letting me nag right off the bat. February bills came out late because (and now I'm quoting) "jeez it's a short month".

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