Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July's in-service was small but informative.

Thank you Linda for

providing the videos and

great information about meth.

We chose to honor Faye pilcher as

this months Case Worker Extraordinaire

Don't tell her.

I will be presenting her with a

certificate at her staff meeting next week.

There will be NO

In-service in August

due to low summer turn out.

How ever there will be an opportunity for interested peer parents to participate

in a special "Team meeting" with me as the subject and you guys as my support system.

The Adminstration has been conducting these meeting

with all the supervisors and their teamsin the Region.

In other words the Adminstaration will be DCFS

I will be a 'client' and you are my team

as we talk about strengths, concerns,

what is going well and what can be improved about our little Peer Parent Family.

( I hope it wn't be like some of the mock ones we had in our in-service)

We don't have a date yet

but I anticipate that it will be during normal state business hours.

I hope to see lots of you there.

And finally I will be out of the office

between July 22 thru July 26, over the Pioneer Day Holiday.

I am going back to Santa Fe to pick up my granddaughter!

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