Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Step Books

  • We have a new supply of Step Books courtesy of the State office.

  • They are in black binders on the bottom shelf on the short book shelf in my office.

  • White ones will be in Spanish.

  • As these binders are thinner than the previous ones,

  • I am going to leave it up to each of you as to which extra handouts you include.

  • I do want you to include extra handouts however.

  • They are still in the tub next to my desk.

  • Also remember that there are

  • dividers to better organize their books

  • and the glossy Emergency Preparedness Booklet.

  • Each book should come with those.

The Tentative schedule for In-services for the coming year

September 22 - Peer Parent Appreciation

October 19 - Supporting QCR

November 17- Nutrition from the Pyramid to the Plate

December 14 - Holiday party

January 19 - Our program and spirituality

February 15 - Going to court

March 15 Activities from the Resource room

April 18 Get those kids outside and moving !

May 17 - Expectations of a case worker

June 20 Individual Evaluations

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